Monday, 7 March 2011

I ♥ Nadinoo

I thought it was about time to update this blog. Don't you think?
But beware guys! It's a very girly post.
As you may have noticed, I'm working on a book with a friend/writer which will be called Rose à Petits Pois
(yes, like the blog!).
Everything is still very much work in progress and we still have to find
a publishing company interested in our project...
But the story is utterly charming and hopefully I shall do it justice with my illustrations...
But before I show you more drawings, I wished to share with you the work of someone
who really inspires me.
Her name is Nadia Izruna and she is the one behind the beautiful British label Nadinoo.
(Ladies, if you don't know her already, I suggest you have a look at her beautiful FW2010 collection on!)
I admire her work because I'm simply in love with it (I could wear every single piece of her collection),
but also because it takes courage, commitment and faith to start your very own company like she did.
It's a pleasure to see such individuals working for what they truly love and doing it so well!

For of all those reasons, I wanted the main character of the book, Adèle, to be wearing Nadinoo. 
And it simply suits her so well! (Thanks Nadia!)
The feminine shapes and patterns of all her clothes are lovely and really interesting to draw.
I cant' wait to do the whole book!
Adèle definitely has a wardrobe to die for.